normanosborn sent: 7!!!!!!!!!1


7. Draw an oc in winter clothes

Allisa thinks shes the ruler of the roost but really shes queen nerd

Doodles of a bunch of cool people

After watching seertime’s stream it makes me wanna draw Dansprite even more I can’T ESCAPE

Have a really old, really blurry pastel goth Aleks

I’ll fix this up eventually but have a Dansprite from my sketchbook

I finished one 4 hours later I’m incredibly slow, but have a lil Dansprite talksprite (I’ll do more later when its not 5am)

Someone should have told me Creaturestuck was a thing earlier

I would think Sly would be more of a Rogue of Time than anything but it’s 6am what do I know

I haven’t drawn anything worthwhile lately but have a Merman Prince!Nova for a novahd thing I’m writing

Sketch/redraw of an old picture I did back in 2012, once again legs and hands are the enemy. But heres Nova regardless!